Bashkimi challenges Peja on Wednesday

  • Bashkimi challenges Peja on Wednesday
20 April 2015

The second game of Play-Offs semifinals is the one between Kosova e Re Bashkimi and Peja, and will take place on Wednesday, in Prizren, at 19:00hrs.

In the first duel between the two teams, Peja defeated Kosova e Re Bashkimi with the result 109:81. Peja now leads the semifinal series 1:0.

Meanwhile, the second game of the semifinalists of additional competition between Golden Eagle Ylli and Sigal Prishtina will take place during the week, in Theranda.

According to the Competition Propositions for the 2014/14 season, the first team to get a placement in the finals is the one who achieves 3 wins. Semifinals will take place under 1-2-2 format, which means that the team holding the highest place will play as the home team in the first, fourth and the fifth game.