Hoxha, at the Secretaries General meeting of FIBA Europe

  • Hoxha, at the Secretaries General meeting of FIBA Europe
19 April 2015

For the first time, since KBF’s affiliation to FIBA on March 13th, Kosovo will participate in the high level meeting organized by this institution.  

Secretary General of KBF, Leart Hoxha, will attend the 11th meeting of Secretaries General of FIBA Europe, to be held on 20.04.2015, in Munich. In addition to the Secretaries General meeting, where the new developments in FIBA Europe will be discussed, Hoxha will also meet with the competition director of FIBA Europe, Ljubomir Mandic and they will discuss on Kosovo's preparations for the European Championships with two National Teams U-16 and U-20, which will take place in July, in San Marino (U-16) and in Hungary (U-20). Hoxha will also meet with his homologues from Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia, to discuss about strengthening the cooperation in different fields, now that Kosovo is an equal member of FIBA.

After this meeting, the upcoming meeting is the General Assembly of FIBA Europe, which will take place on May 16 and 17th, in  , in Malta,  where the President of KBF, Mr. Erolld Belegu and board member, Mr. Arben Fetahu will participate.