The beginning of the spring season and transfer window is confirmed

  • The beginning of the spring season and transfer window is confirmed
22 December 2014

The Board of KBF in its last meeting has confirmed that the second half of the ETC Super League 2014/15 season will begin on 17/18 January.  

The Board has also approved the proposition of the Competition Commissioner to open the transfer window for the clubs of the ETC Super League, from January 5th until January 12th 2015 at 16:00h.

Board of KBF once again reminds the clubs that in case that the total of international players transfers exceeds the number 8 (eight), special rates will apply for their licensing.

At this meeting, the Board evaluated as very successful the implementation of Regulation for Systematization and Licensing and its implementation, noting that as a result of the implementation of this regulation, this season clubs obligations to KBF are significantly smaller than previous seasons. Also, the Board is thankful about clubs regularity shown so far in competition and in relation to KBF and encourages the clubs to continue working in these directions. Precisely wanting to protect the Regulation for Systematization and Licensing and the purpose of its approval, the Board of KBF has approved the news that Besa is excluded from the competition in two age groups. Board of KBF requested from the board of BC Besa to get better organized in the spring and finish the season with at least two categories, junior and senior, in order to avoid even greater consequences next season.

At the same time, the Board urges all clubs to continue to pay attention and importance to their youth category teams.

KBF Board also gave the full support to Selection Camp for Kosovo National Team and also activities that are being done regarding the internationalization of Kosovo basketball.