Notice to all the participants of the Youth Summer Camp "Prishtina 2014"

  • Notice to all the participants of the Youth Summer Camp "Prishtina 2014"
9 July 2014

Kosovo Basketball Federation (KBF) informs all participants of the Youth Summer Camp "Prishtina 2014” that the accommodation at the camp will take place on 12.07.2014 (Saturday) at 12:00, at the Student Centre in Prishtina, more precisely we will gather at the reading room in dormitory number III.

Youth Summer Camp will be held from 12 July until 19 July, children will be located in the Student Center (Dormitory number III), while drills (two times a day), will be performed in the premises of this Center, "1 Tetori" gym and also at the sports hall of the Faculty of Sport Sciences.

Besides daily exercises which the organizers of the camp have planned, children will also have other relaxation activities so that they could enjoy other things that make the camp even more fun.

The main purpose of the camp is the socializing of the children of different ages, and also to increase the professional work on every level for kids, coaches, referees and KBF staff, considering the fact that this time we will have the help of FIBA instructors, who with their experience and knowledge will contribute significantly to the achievement of our goals.

We as a Federation guarantee that the children will be in the hands of the most responsible coaches, and that the security will be of the highest level, taking into account the seriousness with which we will work in this camp.

FIBA’s Instructor at the camp will be the well known Slovenian coach, Dejan Mihevc.

Coordinators of the Youth Summer Camp "Prishtina 2014" are: Jeton Nixha and Elvira Dushku.

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