Decision of KBF’s board

  • Decision of KBF’s board
1 June 2020

The Board of the Basketball Federation of Kosovo in the meeting held on 19.05.2020 has reviewed some current issues in Kosovar basketball, but also the current situation in sports and beyond during the pandemic COVID-19 and among others has received these decisions:

1. Cancellation of all senior competitions (First Men's League, First Women's League, and Second Men's League);

2. No champion shall be declared in any category, but the final ranking in the men's senior competitions shall be used for determining the rise or fall from the level of competition, following the KBF’s competition rules and proposals for the 2019-2020 edition;


3. Regarding the continuation of youth leagues for 2019/20 edition, the decision to be taken after the reconsideration of the protective measures against the pandemic by the responsible authorities of the Republic of Kosovo;

4. Draft proposal for the Joint Kosovo-Albania League, and the composition of the technical team of KBF;

5. KBF will not nominate any team to the next edition of the Basketball Champions League;

6. The teams will deposit the amount of 15,000.00 euros on the KBF account as a guarantee for participation in international competitions;